Lietuvos Dujų Tiekimas and LITGAS reorganization conditions are published

The natural gas supply and trading companies Lietuvos Dujų Tiekimas and LITGAS belonging to the state-owned energy companies group Lietuvos Energija published their reorganization conditions.


The companies are being reorganized by way of merger: LITGAS UAB, which after merging will terminate its activity, will be connected to UAB Lietuvos Dujų Tiekimas (which will change its name to UAB Lietuvos Energijos Tiekimas from the 1st of October) which continues its activities. All assets, rights and responsibilities of UAB LITGAS will be transferred UAB Lietuvos Dujų Tiekimas continuing its activity.


The reorganization of the companies is in the line with the implementation of Lietuvos Energija Group’s strategy for 2018-2030 and the ongoing consolidation of the Group’s energy trading and supply activities. The aim is to create a competitive commercial organization, oriented to creation and development of higher quality services and solutions as well as their delivery to customers faster and simpler.


This decision was approved by Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, which implements rights and obligations of Lietuvos Energija’s shareholder.


The reorganization conditions are available for download here.